Mediation is a straightforward, collaborative conversation. Families work with me to explore the nature of their conflict and customize solutions. Many assume that mediation cannot be helpful if the level of conflict is significant. However, no intensity of conflict is too much to be helped by mediation. ​ The goal is to create solutions with no winning and losing parties. Ideally, we end in a place where everyone’s needs are met.

I mediate all areas involving families – including parenting plans, child support, custody determinations, spousal maintenance, pre-and post-divorce relationship conflict, and dissolution of assets.


Why Choose Me?

I am currently the Assistant Director at the Center for Mediation & Training after more than 25 years in Family Court. I use my experience in the Court system, and my creative, practical, and empathic nature to help families solve conflicts in a family-friendly way.

I have devoted my career to advocating for children and families and I believe strongly that mediation is usually a much more positive and less contentious way to restructure families. I am calm in conflict and able to see the big picture, and determined to utilize my knowledge and experience to help you.

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